Do you want to know what our flavors are for the next four weeks until we close?! HERE they are in the latest newsletter!!!

Cake Flavors:

GWIC is know for having the best tasting cakes in Charlotte, and that's because every cake is made fresh to order, from scratch, every single time. We don't have layers of cake, sitting around in a deep freezer, waiting to be needed. We believe that beautiful, and cool looking cakes should taste great, and we think that ours taste better than they look. Come taste what everyone is talking about!

Vanilla (with hints of almond)


If there is another cake flavor that you'd like to order, feel free to ask, and I will let you know if we can accommodate it or not. 

GWIC does not offer red velvet cake.  It is a cocoa and buttermilk based cake that has red food coloring dumped in it.  We believe that the amount of red dye that has to go into it to achieve the bright red color isn't necessary.  Most of the time, people admit that they like red velvet cake because it's the portal for cream cheese frosting.  We encourage those people to try our chocolate cake with creamy cheese filling, and we don't think you'll miss the red velvet at all.

Filling Flavors:

GWIC's fillings are mostly cream based, whether it's homemade whipped cream, or cream cheese.  This ensures that they're light, fluffy, and not overly sweet.  They're made fresh, and from scratch, for every order. The filling goes in between the three layers of cake. Buttercream will go on the outside, so there is no need to make it the filling as well. If you're looking for something that's not on the list, feel free to ask!

Creamy Cheese
Peanut Butter Mousse
Cookies & Cream
Chocolate Mousse
Strawberry Creme
Blueberry Creme
Raspberry Creme
Key Lime Pie
Coffee Mousse
White Chocolate Mousse

We can add mini chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, crushed candy bar pieces, etc. to most of the fillings, so please feel free to ask!

If you want to order a whole cake, keep in mind, it does NOT have to be one of the three flavors of the week. It can be anything at anytime!

Cake Coverings:

Signature Vanilla Buttercream
Our signature buttercream is made with real butter and hints of
vanilla and almond extract.  GWIC covers 99% of their cakes with this signature buttercream...and yes, we can get it as smooth, if not smoother, than fondant.  Let our pictures prove it to you!

Vanilla Fondant
If a cake needs to be covered in fondant, GWIC only uses high quality fondant, which tastes like marshmallows and melts in your mouth.  If you've had a bad experience with fondant, most likely it was because someone used extremely cheap fondant that is found at craft stores. You will not find that product in our kitchen, let alone on your cake, I promise.

Chocolate fondant
Chocolate fondant is a delicious alternative to covering a cake, and it makes a gorgeous aesthetic statement.  It is made with melted chocolate, so it tastes and smells awesome...similar to a tootsie roll in taste and texture.