We realize that our prices are higher than grocery or big box stores, but our cakes are worth it, as every cake is baked fresh to order, and all of our cakes, fillings and frostings are made from scratch. You won't see that at any store, or even at most bakeries. We pride ourselves on having the best tasting cakes in the Queen City! 

Please see the information below to determine what size cake you need for your event!  Email me at right away to secure your date!
Got What It Cakes has recently decided to focus on the retail portion of our store instead of our custom/tiered/wedding cakes. You can read why here...

In saying that, we are still offering our single tier cakes that have become so incredibly popular!!! We are offering 6, 7, and now 8 inch single tier cakes! Our single tier cakes are three layers of cake and two layers of filling. They're super tall, so you get the bang for your buck!!! If you visit us in our store, we sell the flavors of the week cakes by the slice, and each slice is $3.95 plus tax!

You can see in the examples above how our cakes are ONE (single) TIER, but have three LAYERS of cake, and two layers of filling. Sometimes the terminology can get confusing. When you decide the flavors of your cake, you will let us know the cake and filling flavors. The buttercream is NOT the filling; the buttercream is the outside of the cake, as we don't cover them in fondant. That's get delicious, real butter, buttercream!!! You'll see the options on our flavors page!

Gender Reveal Cakes

Since we do so many gender reveal cakes, I thought I'd describe the process...the order, and the execution. 
When it comes to gender reveal cakes, you have two options...tint the actual cake layers, or tint the filling. And typically, it's based on the amount of time between when we find out the gender and when the customer wants the cake. 
If the customer wants the cake the same day as when the tech/nurse/envelope reveals the sex, then we can tint the filling. There simply isn't enough time to tint the batter, bake the layers, have them cool, fill them, ice and decorate, with a short notice. In this case, you'll let us know ahead of time what cake flavor to bake (you can choose ANY), and we'll suggest a filling that can be tinted. We can then find out the gender, and have the whole cake ready to go in an hour or less most of the time! If we have a few days in between finding the sex out, and the customer picking it up, we can tint the layers of cake pink or blue. And you can choose any filling you'd like! 
But do keep this in mind, if you want any flavor other than vanilla cake, you'll have to tint the filling, as we can't tint chocolate cake pink or blue ;) So even if you give us a week's notice, we can't tint the layers of cake a color, unless you're fine with vanilla! 
Hope this helps! We LOVE making gender reveal cakes
 and will continue to make them every week! 

We have three sizes, and therefore three price points for our single tier cakes...
6 inch feeds up to 12 and is $55
7 inch feeds up to 16 and is $70
8 inch feeds up to 24 and is $95

These cakes are what we call "semi-custom" because you get to pick the cake, filling, icing, sprinkle colors, and message! The possibilities are endless! You can get a fondant cutout similar to the airplane below; you can get an edible image similar to the Panther's helmet below; you can get any color sprinkle combination (just keep in mind we only get them in certain shades of colors). You can look in our special occasion cake gallery for LOTS more examples of our single tier cakes!!

If you want buttercream designs around the outside, such as rosettes, ruffles, or petals, there's an upcharge depending on design! If you want something more custom, it's not what we typically do, but we're happy to discuss it and see if we can satisfy your wants and needs!

We can do regular or mini cupcakes. Prices for regular sized cupcakes, with filling piped inside and an icing swirl on top, start at $35/dozen. Prices for mini cupcakes start at $40/two dozen. Prices increase depending on the complexity of the design.  We also offer jumbo cupcakes that can be used for smash "cakes" in photo shoots, or at first birthdays! They're $7 each.

They're our version of a "cake pop." Ours are all cake, no fillers, and are twice baked to make them taste more like a donut hole dipped in chocolate, instead of a gooey/raw taste that some people find a cake pop to be like.  They're $2.50 each in store, or 3/$6, 6/$12, 12/$24 and so on!  If you want to place a custom order where you pick the cake and chocolate flavors, color, and sprinkle/drizzle choice, they're $2.50 each no matter how many you want. These can be shipped, at an additional cost! They can be bagged as well at an additional cost!