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Every cake is baked fresh to order, and all of our cakes, fillings and frostings are made from scratch. Each cake is designed individually, and the price will depend on the size, design, and time put into it. Our hope is that our cakes will be remembered for years to come, and our price does reflect that. 

Please see the information below to determine your starting price for your wedding cake, wedding cupcakes, and/or groom's cake!  Email me at mandie@gotwhatitcakes.com right away to secure your date!
Wedding Cakes
Got What It Cakes LOVES doing wedding cakes!  There is something magical about being invited to be even a small part of people's biggest day!  Please look at the wedding cake portfolio, and book a consultation right away, as 2015 dates are already being booked!

All wedding orders have a $750 minimum! Got What It Cakes will only deliver to your location with this minimum amount being met. 

Wedding cakes start at $6.45 per slice for buttercream covered cakes. Every wedding cake in my gallery was done with buttercream, and I can get my buttercream as smooth, if not smoother, than fondant.
The price of the cake goes up based on complexity of design, and estimated time that will go into it.  There are so many variables that will increase the cost of the cake: shaped tiers, intricate piping, gumpaste flowers, buttercream stenciling, and the list goes on. In saying that, there are plenty of ways to keep the cake within budget: round tiers, fresh flowers, less intricate piping, etc., and you'll still have a gorgeous cake!  I wouldn't send anything out of my kitchen that didn't look amazing, and 100% professional. Delivery charges are $125 within 20 miles of the cakery, with each additional 10 miles being $15. 

I do offer a complimentary tasting/design consultation for all wedding cake inquiries! You'll get to pick three cake flavors and three filling flavors from the list (I provide the buttercream). We'll design your cake together until you are completely satisfied!  I do ask each bride to bring anything that will aid in the design process (swatch of fabric, ribbon, inspiration pics, invitation, etc.). The meetings usually take place on weekdays around noon, and Saturday mornings/early afternoons, but I can always work around your schedule!  Cutting the cake is one of the first things you'll do as husband and wife, and I look forward to creating the main centerpiece of this epic moment!

Email me ASAP to book your consultation!

Birthday/Baby/Special Occasion Cakes
GWIC is offering birthday cakes again, depending on date availability.  We have different levels of pricing depending on the amount of servings you need, and budgeted amount! There are three levels of pricing:

$50/$65 Single tier cakes:  6 inch feeds 12(max) or 7 inch feeds 16(max), and are simply decorated with a message on top. We do not custom decorate/design single tier cakes. You can get a sprinkle combination and/or an edible image on top, with your message, but that's about it for this price range. These cakes are three layers of cake, two layers of filling, and are more about the taste than the design. See examples below... $200 and up; Two tier cakes: they can be as big as you need them to be, but at their smallest, they are two tiers and feed 30 people. We decorate tiered cakes to match the theme, colors, patterns, etc. of your event, and the price goes up based on complexity of design and number of servings. Here's an example...

$350 and up; Three tier/3D cakes:  Our three tier cakes at their smallest feed 50+ people, and are completely decorated to match your event. Carved/3D cakes also start at this price, and are the centerpiece of your occasion. The number of servings is based on the design, and the price goes up based on complexity!!!

Groom's Cakes

This is the perfect opportunity to showcase what your groom really loves (besides you)...maybe it's a sport's team, or his Ipad...running or watching the stock market? ! I can create just about anything out of cake, so get creative!  Make sure to check out the groom's cake gallery!  I only offer groom's cakes to people that have booked a wedding cake. 

Many weddings are providing cupcakes as opposed to a tiered cake.  Or you can do both!  We can also do a cupcake tower, with both cupcakes and a cake on top for you to cut!  We can do regular or mini cupcakes. Prices for regular sized cupcakes, with filling piped inside and an icing swirl on top, start at $3.25/cupcake. Prices for mini cupcakes start at $1.75/mini cupcake. Prices increase depending on the complexity of the design.  We also offer jumbo cupcakes that can be used for smash "cakes" in photo shoots, or at first birthdays! They're $7 each.

They're our version of a "cake pop." Ours are all cake, no fillers, and are twice baked to make them taste more like a donut hole dipped in chocolate, instead of a gooey/raw taste that some people find a cake pop to be like.  They're $2 each in store, or 3/$5, 6/$10, 12/$20 and so on!  These can be shipped, at an additional cost!