There are two important things in the life of a toddler: preparing the first birthday cake and buying the right stroller for your baby. The two things cause mothers to think a little bit harder in order to make the right choices of cakes and strolling equipment. These parents need to have firsthand information so as to make ideal choices. This article gives you the background information that assists you in making a choice of the cake and a baby stroller that suits your needs.

Why Get a Stroller?

Most mothers feel a natural urge to move and get all small things a baby may benefit from. A stroller is part of this list, the important purpose of a stroller is to make transport of the baby easier while you walk, it is said to be an alternative to holding the baby with your arms or on the hip and also making sure that it is comfortable stroller for your child. While most babies almost prefer being held than a ride. It is a joy for both the parents and the baby when the baby wears a carrier for the first time. Infants love to be held on the chest while toddlers often love to be carried on the back.

Benefits of Strollers

With most of us, together with the hardcore baby carriers, strollers are the most convenient tool, which will get into use for years.


  1. Easier on you —it is a lot less work pushing the baby on a stroll than carrying the baby even with a quality carrier. You can have 2 children in a stroller with Side by side stroller and they can still be comfortable
  2. Soothing for baby — just like a car drive, a gentle stroll is a technique that has been tried for soothing a baby and, this, in turn, means additional sleep to your child.
  1. Safety — strollers give a safer environment for your child, with shade, a safety harness, and a protective frame.
    1. Carry all your stuff — stroller enables to apply store comfortably all the item you will need as you walk e.g. snacks, personal items, toys, extra clothes, bag and diapers
    2. Do some light shopping — since both hands are let free, shopping can be done easily. Storage is available, simple groceries and laundries are convenient on a walk.
    3. Get some exercise — Best jogging stroller gives quality time for exercises, therefore, getting back into shape is no more a challenge. The child also gets involved in these exercises which enhance positive growth.

First Birthday Cake

The good idea here is to prepare a little small healthy cake for the baby. To accomplish this ensure that the baby gets his own cake to bite, mangle, and smash without mommies having to worry. Guests are served with specially prepared cake, while a sweeter cake is made for the big kids.

Baby’s Cake Preparation

Baby’s food is so sensitive, thus, it’s important to try and avoid sugar and products that contain sugar when thinking about your baby’s everyday menu. You find that many ingredients out there contain a quantity of brown sugar. A little amount of natural sugar doesn’t pose trouble to your baby on the first birthday.

If you have decided to prepare a cake for your baby here is an example of a recipe that has been given the thumbs up from parents and babies.


1st Birthday Cake (Carrot Cake)


  • Two and a half cups thinly cut carrots
  • Two and a half cups apple juice that is concentrated
  • One and a half cups raisins
  • Vegetable Spray or Shortening
  • Two cups whole wheat flour
  • Half cup vegetable oil
  • Two whole eggs
  • Four egg whites
  • One tablespoon of vanilla extract
  • Three-quarter cup unsweetened applesauce
  • Half cup wheat germ
  • Two tablespoonful baking powder
  • one Tbsp ground cinnamon