1. Cake Baking and Cake Shop

For you to successfully bake and start a cakes business, you need to put in enough time and a lot of handworks. Just like any other business making cakes for a living you will require an entrepreneurial spirit, a good connection with people and an overwhelming creativity, crowned with baking skills that are above average.

If you are passionate about Served Fast cake making, you will find it easier to start making some. In fact, that’s what lured Sophie Bifield into the cake making field. She says that at the age of 28 years was not brought up dreaming of cakes, but chance combined with circumstance and led her to a career she is passionate about.

Before you start baking or start a cakes shop you need to consider the following factors.

  1. Do You Have The Love For Baking?

Being wonderful in icing is an important thing, otherwise, your cakes need be delicious too, and if you are in doubt with your abilities you can undertake confectionary courses that will help you get the skills. Belfield first interest on making cakes was after failing to get a good cake for her wedding. Hence she decided to perfect her skills in making cakes by joining cake making college. She stayed there for six weeks and earned a diploma in baking. Now she spends hours in the kitchen and she loves it!

  1. Be Realistic About The Cost Of Your Cake Business.

Beginning from acquiring special equipment to locating a suitable point, to findings a commercial kitchen where you can start your cake making business is not easy. Also, ensure that you consider the number of cakes you will have to sell per week to make a profit.

It is critical that you consider the cost of ingredients when costing the cake. Factor in a decent hourly wage as well. Otherwise, you will be ragged in no time, with very little to show.

You can build a decent website to advertise and promote your cake shop; you also need to keep this cost in mind too. Customers don’t need to have hard time looking for prices so they get served fast.

  1. Know Your Clients And The Market.

know who are your target customers for your cake shop before you get moving, are you going to specialize may be on wedding cakes it’s more profitable to focus on the high-end market.

  1. Don’t Undersell Yourself.

Skill and time that goes into making cakes are valuable therefore don’t undersell yourself no matter what. Set your boundaries to where you want to be. If you charge $50 for a cake you will end up working at less than $50 per cakes. Think of how much you would pay for a cake in a restaurant.

  1. Get Your Name Out There.

If you have decided to make cakes for a living, put all your energy into the networking. Because targeting the market, meeting with people in the industry from cake designers and other competitors may help grow your shop

Top Five Cakes You Can Make And Stock Your Shop.

  1. Moist chocolate cake- the cake is light and airy with a delicious chocolate taste
  2. Pineapple orange cake the cake is moist and highly satisfying.
  3. Hot milk cake- it is old fashioned, it tastes good
  4. Sandy’s chocolate cake- ever won many prizes to the young people
  5. Potluck banana cake frosted with coffee flavors which complement moist banana cake.