Cake making is a type of art that can be enjoyed at home especially when you have the right equipment. If you have a passion, you will find a wide range of cutters to help you achieve the best results in cake making. Whether it is baking, airbrushing or finishing, which gives the cake an immaculate finish and a professional look, you got a selection of icing, cookies, and cutters that come in an array of sizes and shapes to choose from.

 Air Brushing

Airbrushing equipment can make a great difference. There is a selection of cake airbrush kits, which can be used to give your cake a wide variety of colors. Each airbrushing kit comes with details on how it can be used if you are looking forward to getting the best results.

Joseph Elevate Silicone Baking Tool Set

It is one of the baking equipment you should have if you want to make cakes like a pro. If you have already honed your cake baking skills, you will find this equipment useful in the cake making process. It comes with a spatula, a dishwasher, and a cookie turner.

Anti-Gravity Pouring Cake Kit

This is an anti- gravity cake pouring kit that can be used to cascade cream. The set includes two supporting rods, and pieces which are clipped together seamlessly and may be combined to support the cake at whatever angle or (and) height. The set contains reusable pieces.

Mason Cash Mixing Bowl

This is a ceramic bowl commonly found in the baker’s kitchen. It is made of a tough glazed earthenware. The bowl is a traditional equipment, which has been in the kitchen for a long time and has endured the test of time.


Juicers can be rarely added to a cake but come to think of it. Cake can also be healthy and juice from fresh vegetable and fruits to add some twist on it. High speed juicers would make it easier.

Fail Safe Fondant Desert Kit

The kit is solid and comes with instructions. It contains six silicone pudding molds and a silicon tray. It is an ideal equipment for bakers.  It comes with a number of important tools ideal for trimming cookies and cakes.  The set consists of a 25 cm icing spatula, a cake server, and a pastry wheel. These items have a beech wood head and a heat resistant handle. Beach wood is durable and easy to clean.

2- in-1 silicone whisk

It is one of the most important baking equipment from Joseph and joseph.  It is a hand gadget used to mix whiskey and could also be used to mix sauces for baking. All you need is to turn the handle and it’ll transform it into a balloon whisk. The equipment can be used for the effective whipping of egg whites. It is a simple tool, which can be easily dismantled and cleaned.

Piping Icing Gift Set

This is another set from Lakeland used to decorate cakes and give quick results. The set comes with a stainless nozzle, small and large round head, one shell, and a nylon piping, which allows easy squeezing. The set is simple and effective and is preferred by cooks working from kitchens with limited space, and those who do not have enough space in their cupboards.