Weddings, birthdays, graduations and other festive occasions revolve around having a perfect cake. Most cake makers invest a lot in having a successful pastry chef career. They spend time, money, energy and other resources ensuring that they become the best in the business. Some pastry chefs get their success through shows and online blogs. Shows such as the cake boss show how much most pastry chefs value their art. However, some pastry chefs have to travel an extra mile to attain financial success in their cake making business. Convertkit is one of the ways these chefs can ensure that they attain financial success. This is because it allows the pastry chefs to access effective email automation services. You can experience the autoresponders for email by Infusionsoft which is a big help for running a business. Convertkit offers the following features that make it the appropriate tool to help you achieve success in cake making.

  1. Fair Pricing

If you have been in the cake making business for a while, then you understand the importance of minimizing costs and maximizing profits. Convertkit charges 29 dollars for bloggers or business with 1000 subscribers. Nonetheless, if you do not have 1000 subscribers you will be billed at a fair price after subscription. The exciting part about the bargain price is that it also comes with an unlimited package of most features. Subscribing to any package allows you access to unlimited landing pages, automation rules, courses forms and you can send an unlimited amount of emails. Furthermore, with a package of 149 dollars and above, the website also offers free help to during your migration. These features of fair pricing can help you grow your business because you receive more services at a bargain price.

  1. Help to grow your list

Email automation works if your business can interact with many potential consumers. Once you join convertkit your list can grow because it offers many features that can help you attain a longer list. Furthermore, you can hire a website experts to help you navigate the tricky system of marketing automation and garner more emails. You can check the review by Authority Automation regarding email automation.

  1. Helpful Features

Convertkit is fashioned to meet and satisfy the needs of bloggers and online businesses. A cake making business falls under online businesses which benefit from the helpful features. For instance, opt- in forms provided by convertkit are responsive and attractive. More importantly, they can fit in different places on your site and appear fine. The forms fit as a sidebar or at the bottom of the blog. Their width is automatically adjusted based on where you move them on your site. The website also provides landing page template which eases the process of creating or designing a landing page. While you can custom make a landing template on the website, you can also choose one of the editable templates provided and modify it to your liking.

The ease and convenience of these features allow the pastry chef to save time on marketing.  Furthermore, being the best email automation system in the market, convertkit has many other unmentioned features that can help in attaining cake making a success.