Cake cutting is the peak of any celebration, woodwork inspired cake portrays passion for the artwork as well proves creativity level of a baker. Ideas for this could be the various woodwork tools as a single unit or various tools in the same cake. You need to take care when using various tools to ensure the tools are compatible and have different functions. Saws, nails, and hand-held planes are better ideas compared to several saws in one cake unless you are promoting saws. However, to get the shape of all these tools need special order from the baker so as to have a practical view of the woodwork tools.

You can also opt to take the normal circular or rectangular cake but incorporate edible pictures of the tools and plant on the cake. It will still communicate the woodwork theme. Ensure you also consider the type of cake for this theme. It may not come out better for cupcakes because of their sizes. When a baker manages to portray the woodwork theme on the cake for the beauty and aesthetic value, the question now comes on the taste.

Do you prefer a chocolate cake or just the normal cake? This now depends on you, before you make such a decision, consider the following questions

· Who do you intend to eat the cake- children, or adults

· What is the function of the cake?

If you are going to have a diverse audience for your cake then you better choose a general taste to cater for the needs of all your visitors.

The choice of colors should also be a determinant factor, have the color like they are in real life to have a realistic view of the woodwork theme. However, if the cake is for a child’s birthday, consider bright colors but maintain the shape of the woodwork tools. If it is for an adult, used the colors similar to the real woodwork tool, in case, of a saw, then let the blade be grey while the handle takes different shapes since there is no definite color.

Comparing the saws, choose a universal saw such that at a glance someone will guess the cake is meant for a woodwork theme. Instead of when you unveil the cake and everyone is surprised on the theme.

In case you want to incorporate several woodwork ideas, at the same time, you do not want to clutter the cake, then, you can opt to have several cakes with each of them covering a different woodwork tool.

A woodwork inspired cake shows the love of art, a professional baker who manages to make the shapes and joints of various woodwork tools prove his competency in the hospitality industry. In case you have realized a child passion in woodwork, why not celebrate her/his birthday with the woodwork cake decorations to motivate him towards the goal. He will also feel appreciated and enhance her creativity levels in making unique designs.

This could be the beginning of a renowned woodwork professional and probably and brand in woodwork designs.