Toilet based humor has always been at the forefront of the comedic world. Several comedians routinely make jokes about toilet activities. The reason this genre of comedy is so common and widely adopted is because toilet jokes are relatable. Everyone has had at least one fun experience in the toilet. Comedians use this fact to their advantage to make jokes that many people will find hilarious. Despite being such a common facet of everyday life, some people still giggle at the mere mention of a toilet. This is because unlike other routine activities and objects that are part of daily life such as driving, eating, and microwaves, toilets don’t really get talked about. What one does in a toilet is his or her own private business that isn’t socially acceptable to talk about. Toilets are a sort of taboo subject and those who talk about their experiences in a toilet, even if they’re funny, aren’t taken seriously. This is the reason why only comedians predominantly talk about toilets. Through their entertaining jokes, they’ve made toilets more mainstream and socially acceptable to talk about. They’ve shown us how toilets can be funny subjects that bring a smile to a person’s face.

There are few things which are funnier and more widely enjoyed than toilet based humor. An event which people enjoy more would a birthday party. A birthday party is a way for a person’s friends and family to celebrate the occasion of the person’s birth by making him feel loved and special. At a birthday party, the birthday boy or girl is the star of the show and the center of attention. It’s their day to celebrate and enjoy with their friends and family. While all the fun, frolic and fanfare is great, a birthday is incomplete without a birthday cake. A birthday cake is the most iconic part of a birthday party and is the dessert which defines the occasion. The cake cutting is the highlight of the party. It’s when everyone leaves what they’re doing to come wish the birthday boy together.

While the event is already quite fun and magical, it’s possible to introduce some more fun to it and make it more hilarious. One of the ways to do this to use a cake which has a ridiculous design. Such a cake looks funny and is more memorable than a generic chocolate cake. One of the best examples of this kind of cake is a cake with a ToileT design. As previously mentioned, toilets have always been considered as a ridiculous and funny subject. This fact makes a cake which is designed to look like a toilet a very funny addition to a birthday party. Everyone’s going to remember the cake simply because of how unique it is. Even the person who’s birthday it is is going to find the design pleasant and surprising.

Just like with normal cakes, there’s a lot of choices when it comes to toilet design cakes as well. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and also in any flavor that you could want. Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla toilet cakes are all available. The toilet( could also be shaped like a western styled one or an eastern one. Regardless of what flavor and shape you go with, the design of the cake is going to stand out and be one of the memorable highlights of the birthday party.