A cake commemorates celebrations, you have had a fierce competition that has drained you since you are playing with a professional foosball player, and you never imagined you could win, but with your boosted self-esteem and confidence, you have managed a win. Why not get a professional baker and design a beautiful cake with a foosball design. Visit www.funfoosball.com to give you a guide on the options to give a professional baker for the cake design.

What are some of the options for a foosball cake design?

A foosball table comes in mind to give out the theme in visual form, Even if you do not have a clue on the reason for celebration, the site of the cake will communicate the function of the celebration. Remember, you need a professional baker to bring out the concept. It has different shapes and positioning of the balls on the table should be in line with the standard position of the balls. You might ignore the height, but the weight of the cake should be enough for the participants.

In a closer look, you can just make a cake with your desirable shape and have a foosball placed strategically on the cake to depict the upper format of a foosball game. It will still communicate the idea but gives a sense of creativity in the baking.

Technology has brought about the use of photographs printed on an edible paper and placed on top of the cake. You can have a picture of yourself while in the gaming action for printing on the cake, you will still have a good design of the cake with a foosball theme.

Do not concentrate on the shape and outward look of the cake, but also add some aesthetic value of foosball in the ingredients such that during the cake cutting the inner parts still communicate the theme. There are various types of cakes, it depends on your taste and type of audience. If you are celebrating with your family, then a simple fruit cake with a foosball theme is alright, but in case you have invited various stakeholders in the game and renowned personnel in the sport then you need a professional baker to give you options. Chocolate cake, black forest, red velvet cake are some of the best cake types for professional and formal functions.

Which color works best for the type of cake. It is a celebration and color theme should also portray that. Imagine a black color for a celebration, are you mourning or trying to celebrate a failure? Choose a bright color for this function, white, pink, light blue, purple are some options. You can incorporate various matching colors to reduce the monotony of the celebration. At the same time, you have invited your guests for this special occasion, let the theme color be portrayed in the cake and the dressing of your guests it will give a positive emotional feeling and add value to the celebration of your win in the competitive foosball tournament.